About Caphitec

At CAPHITEC, we empower businesses to achieve unprecedented growth. With a wealth of experience, we guide organizations beyond plateaus by challenging de status quo, providing unbiased feedback and actionable recommendations. Our commitment is to empower businesses with strategic insights and leadership acumen for success in today’s dynamic global landscape.

Our vision is of a business landscape where every organization, regardless of size, maximizes its sales potential and achieves enduring success. We aim to be the catalyst for this transformation, positioning ourselves as the premier partner for businesses seeking boutique sales consultancy and coaching services. Our vision extends beyond immediate growth; we aspire to establish elevated engagement, reduce churn, and consistently elevate levels of revenue and customer satisfaction.

We see a future where businesses guided by our expertise transcend geographical boundaries, creating a harmonious blend of regional expertise and global vision. At CAPHITEC, we don’t just envision success; we actively work towards making it a reality for your business.

About the founder

Christian Hertsens, a seasoned multicultural and global leader, stands as a driving force in developing regions, business units, and channels for global enterprises across continents. His legacy is defined by a solid reputation for elevating revenue, fostering team growth, and enhancing customer satisfaction in the dynamic realms of international and multicultural environments.

In his most recent role as Vice President of Sales at OneSpan, Christian played a pivotal role in the complete business model transformation for the EMEA region. Under his leadership, the team achieved unprecedented results, securing existing business and gaining new logos at a stronger pace than any other region.

Christian’s earlier experiences include impactful international roles at Arrow and IBM, where he led teams, developed vendor partnerships, and played a key role in expanding business.

With a legacy marked by transformative leadership, strategic vision, and a commitment to excellence, Christian continues to be a driving force in shaping the success stories of global enterprises across diverse industries and geographies.

Achieving growth together